WATCH: Press Conference on Day 1 of Trial

Dave Welch speaks on day one of the Vergara v. California trial. Marcellus A. McRae speaks on day one of the Vergara v. California trial. Theodore J. Boutrous speaks on day one of the Vergara v. California trial. Raylene Monterroza speaks on day one of the Vergara v. California trial. […continue]

The True Cost of Dismissal

Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Dr. John Deasy testified in the Vergara v. California education equality case today about the impact of the state’s unworkable and extremely expensive dismissal procedures for ineffective teachers. Because the dismissal process for just one ineffective teacher often costs $400,000 or more, the district […continue]

California’s Billion Dollar Club

The California Teachers Association alone has spent more money in California politics than Chevron, AT&T, Philip Morris USA, and the Western States Petroleum Association combined. It’s no wonder they’d prefer kids and parents to try to change the school system through the legislature, where money talks.

Vergara v. California True or False

Sources: “Circumventing the legislative process to strip teachers of their due-process rights will not improve student learning. It will make it harder to attract and retain quality teachers in our classrooms, and it ignores all the research that shows experience is a key factor in effective teaching.” Source: “LAUSD dropped […continue]

Meet the Plaintiffs

Almost two years ago, nine public school students filed a groundbreaking lawsuit because they believe every child everywhere deserves great teachers. Kate, Brandon, Julia, Daniella, Elizabeth, Beatriz, Herschel, Clara Grace and Raylene come from different cities and towns across the state and have different dreams and aspirations. Yet they all […continue]

Ineffective Teachers’ Devastating Ripple Effect

At Students Matter, we believe every student deserves a great teacher in every class, every year. To us, it’s simple: appreciate and reward the great teachers and hold accountable those who consistently fail our students. Under the current system, however, too many students get trapped in classrooms with ineffective teachers, […continue]