AB 1220 To Be Taken Up Next Year

Yesterday, EdSource’s John Fensterwald covered Assemblymember Shirley Weber’s (D-San Diego) decision to hold the Teacher and Student Success Act (AB 1220) in the Senate Education Committee as a two-year bill, allowing the committee and AB 1220 supporters to take it up next year. In a statement, Assemblymember Weber explained, “We have run up against some deadlines, so I have decided to hold the bill in the Senate Education Committee until we can hammer out some of those outstanding issues.”

Though this means that California teachers and students will have to wait another year for a common sense policy solution to fix the state’s tenure law, we applaud Assemblymember Weber and the supporters of AB 1220 for their commitment to California teachers and students. As California faces a growing teacher shortage, it is more important than ever that we elevate the profession by fixing tenure and continue to attract great new teachers into the profession.  


From the beginning, when Assemblymember Weber proposed AB 1220 at the encouragement of teacher organizations Teach Plus and Educators for Excellence, the effort has been a teacher-led initiative to strengthen California’s tenure law and make tenure an earned professional benchmark that recognizes hard work in the classroom. We hope that next year, the California Senate Education Committee will listen to the voices of 85 percent of unionized public school teachers in the state who believe that tenure decisions should be made after teachers are able to gain at least three years of experience in the classroom. To set new teachers up for success, California must provide them with adequate time and support when they are starting out in the classroom.