Common Core: California Teachers Need More Preparation

On Monday, EdSource’s Theresa Harrington reported on a major challenge with the implementation of Common Core standards in California — ensuring teachers statewide are prepared to effectively teach the new math and English language arts curriculum. The state adopted the new standards in 2010; however, teacher’s Common Core preparation has been inconsistent statewide without a consensus on what constitutes high quality training and professional development.

Chris Dell, director of STEM education in the Shasta County Office of Education, explained that, “Teachers from elementary school to the college level need additional training in Common Core standards because, under previous standards, teachers focused on the memorization of procedures and rules instead of understanding the concepts behind math problems.”

Substantial research has consistently shown that teacher quality is the most important in-school factor affecting student learning. Quality teachers make the difference — not only in students’ academic performance but also in their lifetime success. Providing teachers with high quality preparation is essential to ensuring every student has an effective teacher.