Creating Systematic Change for Young Men of Color

In LA School Report yesterday, Sarah Favot covered a report by The Education Trust—West that calls for systematic change in order to help Latino and African American boys in California to get to and succeed in college. The report, titled “Hear My Voice: Strengthening the College Pipeline for Young Men of Color in California” urged policymakers and practitioners to develop programs and services specifically designed with the unique needs of young men of color, and suggested key changes, including setting higher expectations and making college preparation classes the default option for all high school students.

“Hear My Voice tells us that it’s time for educators and policymakers to walk the talk of assisting California’s young men of color,” said Education Trust—West Executive Director Ryan J. Smith. “Now’s the time to have institutional leaders from across the state listen to the voices of these young men and commit to providing the academic supports necessary to get these students to and through college.”


At Students Matter, we believe that all students can succeed if given adequate support. We applaud The Education Trust—West for calling attention to the systematic change necessary to support young men of color. It’s time to remove the practices that prevent all students from obtaining a quality education and succeeding in and out of the classroom.