Expert Witness: Frank Fekete


Frank Fekete, Esq., is an attorney with a private practice in education law in Redondo Beach, California. From 1976 to 2000, Mr. Fekete was the General Counsel of Schools Legal Service—an organization that provides legal and collective bargaining representation to a consortium of more than 100 school agencies in seven counties across California. Mr. Fekete has extensive experience in several aspects of school law, including dismissal hearings before the Commission on Professional Competence, layoff hearings before an administrative law judge of the Office of Administrative Hearings, and decisions to award permanent status to probationary teachers. Mr. Fekete earned a B.A. from Rutgers University and a J.D. from Harvard University.

Mr. Fekete is expected to testify at trial about the following topics and issues:

  • Operation of the Challenged Statutes in practice
  • Legislative history of the Challenged Statutes
  • Decisions by the Commission on Professional Competence from 2003 to 2013
  • Employment protections provided to permanent certificated employees as compared to the protections provided to other categories of government employees in California