LAUSD Board of Education Election: Don’t Forget to Vote!

Yesterday, LA School Report published a list detailing everything Los Angeles voters should know about the thirteen candidates running for the LAUSD Board of Education, ahead of next Tuesday’s election. Three of the seven seats are up for election this year, and with a potential runoff in May, the race may be the most expensive school board election in the nation’s history.

LA School Report’s coverage includes “profiles of all 13 candidates, highlights of more than half a dozen candidate forums and analysis of the $5.7 million spent so far in the campaigns.” It also features commentary from education experts in Los Angeles and across the country, “as all eyes turn to LA.”

Of the school board districts up for election this year, there is one open seat, guaranteeing at least one new member in 2017. Additionally, two incumbents are up for re-election, facing at least two challengers each. Los Angeles Unified has seen incumbents replaced by newcomers as recently as 2015.

Regardless of who is elected March 7 — or in a May runoff — we hope that the new board will promote access to high-quality public education for all Los Angeles students. The stakes are high, so if you live in Los Angeles, don’t forget to vote on Tuesday!