Los Angeles Daily News Editorial Board Decries Efforts to Kill AB 1220

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Daily News Editorial Board decried the CTA’s so-far unsuccessful efforts to kill the Teacher and Student Success Act (AB 1220), a bill authored by Assemblymember Shirley Weber (D-San Diego) at the urging of teacher organizations Teach Plus and Educators for Excellence. Assemblymember Weber decided to hold AB 1220 in the Senate Education Committee, where it can be considered next year, two weeks ago. The bill would extend the timeline for making teacher tenure decisions to three years — currently, tenure decisions are made just 18 months after a new teacher begins in the classroom. Additionally, AB 1220 would provide additional mentoring and professional development services for teachers who show promise but need more support to reach their full potential. 

As the Editorial Board pointed out, “Even a strong majority of teachers think the tenure period is too short. A 2015 Teach Plus survey of more than 500 traditional public school teachers in California found that 72 percent of teachers believe that the current 18-month standard is ‘not enough time’ to properly determine whether teachers should receive tenure. In addition, 86 percent said a teacher should be in the classroom at least three years before a tenure decision is made, with five years being the average threshold offered.”

 Now is the time to continue to celebrate our teachers, fix our broken tenure law with a common-sense solution and address our teacher shortage by attracting great new teachers into the classroom.