New Federal Education Lawsuit: Quality Public Schools for All

A group of Connecticut students and their parents, with Students Matter’s support, have filed a new education equality lawsuit, Martinez v. Malloy, in federal court. This new groundbreaking case challenges a set of state laws and policies that actively prevent students from accessing even minimally acceptable public school options.


Despite the United States Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection and due process, the State of Connecticut has created a public education system in which zip code and luck of the draw determine whether students have a shot at a quality public education. These broken policies restrict the availability of quality public school options, forcing thousands of low-income students and students of color to languish in schools that consistently fail to provide a minimally effective education.

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“Hardworking Connecticut families must not be forced to send their children to failing schools,” said Jessica Martinez, mother of one of the student-plaintiffs in Martinez v. Malloy.  “We know that quality options exist, yet every year Connecticut prevents thousands of inner-city kids from getting a quality education.  Our children deserve better, and the State must not stand in the way of our children’s future.”

Martinez v. Malloy_Jessica Martinez and Jose Martinez outside US District Court in Bridgeport_seated 8.24.16
Student Plaintiff Jose Martinez and his mother, lead Plaintiff Jessica Martinez of Martinez v. Malloy


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Connecticut’s broken system has created one of the largest achievement gaps in the nation, denying students of color and those from low-income families the equal opportunity they deserve. This case calls on state’s leaders to justify to Connecticut parents why our education system limits the size and expansion of quality public schools, while thousands of students languish on waitlists with no access to an adequate education. Click now to learn more.