Chiefs for Change

Public Statement Community Leaders

Today, California Superior Court Judge Rolf Treu issued his final decision in the groundbreaking education equality trial, Vergara v. California. Hanna Skandera, Chair of Chiefs for Change and New Mexico Public Education Department Secretary, released the following statement:

“Every child, regardless of race, economic standing, geography or circumstance, deserves a high-quality education and an opportunity to thrive. Today’s ruling reaffirms that students in California have a fundamental constitutional right to equality in education, and challenges California union leaders, elected officials and educators to quickly replace outdated work rules and management practices with responsible policies that place the best teachers in front of the students who need them the most.

“Chiefs for Change extends this challenge to every state and school district across America that perpetuates inequity through outdated laws and policies. Reforming these laws will both improve educational outcomes for children and strengthen the teaching profession, bringing greater public support and respect for this important work.

“We commend the nine brave students in this case, their families and Students Matter for challenging the status quo and demanding a high-quality education for all. By placing students at the center of education, American public schools can be dramatically improved – making them once again the conduit to a better life for the next generation.”

Chiefs for Change is a bipartisan coalition of current and former state education chiefs who believe that American public education can be dramatically improved and share an urgency to achieve that goal.