Former Superintendent Carlos Garcia, San Francisco Unified School District

Public Statement Superintendents

“Over the course of my 37 years in public education, from the classroom to superintendent, I always saw the students as my true supervisors and the people that I was ultimately accountable to. Thus, the lens through which I have viewed education has always placed students at the center and in the foreground where they cannot be missed and their rights cannot be denied.

“In my last position as superintendent of the San Francisco Unified School District this was particularly true. While in this position, I made it a priority to focus on the schools and students that struggled the most and to ensure that the rights of students were at the center of every conversation.

“That’s why I support the nine courageous student plaintiffs of Vergara v. California and the Court’s judgment. With this lawsuit, these nine students have challenged the status quo and pushed us to truly consider the value of our teachers and the right to a quality education. California now has a unique opportunity to create a system that exemplifies the principle that guided my decisions for over three decades: When you put the best interests of students first you cannot go wrong.”