Mayor Kevin Johnson, City of Sacramento

Public Statement Community Leaders

“Quality public education is the bedrock of our society — the gateway through which children grow to thrive in our democracy and in our economy. The Court’s recent ruling in Vergara v. California affirmed a fundamental American truth: that every child, no matter their zip code or parents’ income level, has an equal right to learn and succeed in our public schools. That’s why I stand with the nine brave student-plaintiffs who brought the Vergara lawsuit. As a result of their courage and their refusal to settle for less than they deserve, California now has the opportunity to right what’s been going so terribly wrong in our education system for many years. And their resounding victory in Vergara v. California is not just a victory for other students like them but a victory for every single Californian. Because strong public schools mean a brighter, more stable and more equal future for us all.”