Valley Commerce & Industry Association

Public Statement Community Leaders

“The Valley Industry & Commerce Association (VICA) is pleased with the recent Los Angeles Superior Court decision in Vergara v. California. The ruling makes clear that the state can no longer tolerate quality-blind policies that knowingly harm children and in turn the economic future of California.

“Based on evidence presented in Vergara, if just 3 percent of California’s teachers are grossly ineffective, their students, and the economy at large, stands to lose $11.6 billion in lifetime earnings each year. This number clearly demonstrates that teachers have a real and appreciable impact not only on the quality of students’ educational experience, but also on our state’s ability to grow and succeed economically.

“Businesses, big and small have a vested interest in ensuring that all of California’s students have access to the teachers they need and deserve. Keeping ineffective teachers at the K-12 level results in students who are underprepared for higher education. Students who don’t receive a good education in their formative years are less likely to perform well in the workforce.

“A happy future for California is dependent on the proper cultivation of young minds, and the statutes challenged by Vergara are disruptive to this goal shared by all. Now is the time to create solutions that put the best interests of students first, and help to build a workforce with the skills and knowledge for future success.”