Students View Teachers of Color More Positively

Today, NPR Education blogger Anya Kamenetz reported on the findings from the Measure of Effective Teaching study that found that students of all races — white, black, Latino and Asian — have more favorable perceptions of their teachers of color than they do their white teachers. Co-authors of the report, sociologist Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng and statistician Peter Halpin, sampled 300 schools in cities around the country asking students a 30-question survey about a variety of different dimensions of teaching. Despite controlling for factors such as student age, gender and academic performance, students consistently had warmer perceptions of their teachers of color.

Teacher and Students in Classroom with Tablets

Cherng’s theory behind the data is that “teachers of color score more highly because of their ability to draw on their own experiences to address issues of race and gender which can be highly germane even to teaching subjects like math, especially in America’s majority-minority public schools.”