A Failing Grade for CA’s New School Accountability System

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board weighed in on the California State Board of Education’s decision to move forward with a color-coded system for judging public-school performance and progress, calling it “overly-complicated” and “confusing.” The Editorial Board highlights parents’ need for transparency and accountability to easily compare public […continue]

Improving the Nation’s Teacher Preparation Programs

This Wednesday, Education Dive’s editor Autumn Arnett reported on the U.S. Department of Education’s release of finalized regulations for teacher preparation programs. The new regulations are designed to improve the quality — and increase the accountability — of teacher preparation programs nationwide. The new rules focus on quality training outcomes and […continue]

California State Board Approves New Accountability Measures

On Wednesday, the California State Board of Education approved a new set of school accountability measures that will be used to rate California schools, including never-before-used non-academic metrics. In total, the board endorsed a half-dozen metrics, including factors like school climate, high school graduation and student suspension rates. Collectively, the measures will form […continue]