The Fight for Meaningful Teacher Evaluations

On Friday, the Students Matter-sponsored teacher evaluation lawsuit Doe v. Antioch was heard by the California Superior Court of Contra Costa County. Bay Area News Group’s Joyce Tsai reported in the Mercury News on the hearing, in which the Petitioners — a group of California teachers, parents and concerned taxpayers — asked Judge Barry […continue]

Doe v. Antioch Teacher Evaluation Lawsuit in Court

Today, a group of California teachers, parents and concerned taxpayers seeking to ensure that public school educators are meaningfully evaluated, as required by state law, will have their day in court. Their lawsuit, Doe v. Antioch, asks the California Superior Court of Contra Costa County to compel thirteen school districts […continue]

Teacher Quality Drives Great Schools

This week, The 74’s Matt Barnum looks at the national push to improve teacher quality — specifically , the Obama administration’s call for states to “evaluate individual teachers and tie those evaluations to pay, tenure, promotion and dismissal decisions.” As President Obama has previously explained, “[The] single most important factor in the classroom is […continue]

New Report: Vergara Policy Roadmap

A week before the California Court of Appeal hears oral argument in Vergara v. California, the University of San Diego’s Center for Education Policy and Law and San Diego State University’s National Center for Urban School Transformation, released a new report: “Increasing Access to Effective Teachers for All Children in […continue]

Education Innovation: San Jose Unified School District

Districts, states, and charter school networks around the country have found ways to elevate teacher quality, raise the prestige of the teaching profession, and promote equal access to quality education for all students. For our new “Education Innovation” blog series, we’re interviewing education leaders who are successfully using innovative strategies […continue]