The Fight Continues!

A Message from Students Matter Founder David F. Welch:

The fight continues! I just got off the phone with our attorneys, and I’m not going to mince words — we lost. This is a sad day for every child struggling to get the quality education he or she deserves — and is guaranteed by our state constitution.

We think the California Court of Appeal is wrong, so our fight for California students isn’t over — not even close. We’re taking this case to the California Supreme Court, and we intend to win. For our plaintiffs, for our families, for every child in California working hard to get ahead.

Vergara Appeal - The Fight Continues Meme

Say you’re with us, all the way to the California Supreme Court.

We’ve all seen the evidence. The ongoing harm being done to California students “shocks the conscience,” as Judge Treu put it — regardless of the Court’s ruling today. And it’s time for our state’s leaders to do something about it.

So our work continues, right here and right now. Because I’m not giving up on California’s six million public school students, and I know you aren’t either.

Will you take a moment to let the nine brave student plaintiffs in Vergara know you’ve got their backs?

On behalf of the plaintiffs, their families and the whole Students Matter team, thank you. Now let’s go win!