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LAUSD Human Resources Officer Testifies That LAUSD Would Dismiss At Least 350 Ineffective Teachers if Dismissal Process Were Streamlined

Intervenors and State Defendants Rest Case In Chief

State Defendants and Intervenors completed the direct examination of their final witness, Vivian Ekchian, and rested their case today in the education equality trial, Vergara v. California.

Ms. Ekchian, the Los Angeles Unified School Distict’s (LAUSD) recently named Chief Labor Negotiator and former Chief of Human Resources, testified during her direct examination about the number of teacher dismissals that have taken place in LAUSD.

During cross-examination, Ms. Ekchian testified as follows:

  • Over a 5-year period, LAUSD paid approximately $5 million to settle teacher dismissal actions;
  • There are ineffective permanent teachers in LAUSD that the district is not seeking to dismiss; and
  • LAUSD would seek to dismiss at least 350 ineffective teachers—teachers who have received multiple “below standard” evaluations—if the dismissal process took less time, cost less money, and were less burdensome.

Plaintiffs also questioned Ms. Ekchian about the number of times that LAUSD has been able to dismiss an ineffective teacher within a span of two years.  Ms. Ekchian stated that zero teacher dismissal actions have taken two years or less, a fact that underscores the immense amount of time required to dismiss an ineffective tenured teacher.

Plaintiffs drew attention in opening remarks to the substantial harm just one year with a grossly ineffective teacher can cause students.

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