U.S. House Appropriations Committee Rejects Restoration of Funding for Federal Teacher Training Grants

Yesterday, The 74’s Carolyn Phenicie covered the U.S. House Appropriations Committee’s rejection of efforts by Democrats to restore money for federal teacher training grants and other education programs. Simultaneously, members considered a bill that would cut the Education Department’s budget by approximately $2.4 billion — after the Trump administration had hoped to cut the budget by $9 billion. 

According to The 74, more than 100 House Democrats wrote a letter arguing that decreased funding will hurt states’ ability to carry out the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). They wrote, “ESSA implementation is now in full swing, but implementing ESSA without adequate federal funding threatens the civil rights legacy of the law, undermines the intent of Congress, and jeopardizes the ability of states, territories, and school districts to deliver on the promise of an excellent education for more than 50 million students.”


Representative David Price (D – North Carolina) said the cuts would mean the loss of 8,000 teaching jobs, reduction in professional development, and increases in class sizes. “I’ve become convinced over the years that none of the education reforms we talk about and want to implement will be worth a thing without a first-rate teaching force,” he said. 

At Students Matter, we believe in the value of a great teacher. Studies show that quality teachers make the difference in students’ lives, in and out of the classroom. Passionate, motivating, and effective teachers are the foundation of a quality education — that’s why it’s so important to create an education system that helps reward and retain excellent teachers, so we can give every child the great teacher they deserve.