Vladovic: We Need Highly-Trained Teachers in Low-Performing Schools

Yesterday, for LA School Report, Mike Szymanski covered LAUSD Board member Richard Vladovic’s belief that LAUSD should move highly trained teachers to low-performing schools within LAUSD. According to LA School Report, more new teachers in LA Unified are certified by a national teacher accreditation program than any other district in the nation.

Vladovic believes that these highly trained teachers should be moved to underperforming schools. “If it’s true that our National Board Certified teachers are the crème de la crème, then they should be with the most-needy students,” said Vladovic. “To me, if you make more money, you need to go where we need you to go to help the children who need it the most.”

 Vladovic is also asking for a study to see if students taught by National Board Certified teachers receive better test scores within LAUSD schools. On the national level, studies have shown that students taught by board-certified teachers had higher test scores. A similar study of LAUSD schools showed that students gained the equivalent of additional instruction time in math and English.

At Students Matter, we believe in the power of quality public school teachers. Research shows that of all in-school factors — including class size and funding — teachers have the greatest impact on academic achievement and overall long-term success for students. That’s why it’s so crucial that all students — particularly the state’s most vulnerable —  have access to the high-quality teachers they deserve.