Will California Legislature Act on Vergara?

Today, on the three-year anniversary of the first day of the Vergara v. California trial, student plaintiff Daniella Martinez urges the legislature to take action on the issues raised by the case to ensure that all students have access to the great teachers they deserve. This push for the California Legislature to take up issues with teacher employment laws comes two weeks after Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye noted that issues with these laws are “not going away” and should be addressed by lawmakers.

My fellow Vergara Plaintiff Julia Macias and me, after meeting with California Legislature.
My fellow Vergara Plaintiff Julia Macias and me, after meeting with lawmakers in Sacramento


In her op-ed, Daniella explains how these broken teacher employment laws have affected her opportunity to learn, “I’ve had wonderful, passionate teachers who inspired me to learn — and to go into the teaching profession myself. I’ve also had teachers who never belonged in the classroom to begin with — but were protected by our failed system. Allowing those teachers to remain in the classroom — protected by an outdated system — is unfair to their students and to their hardworking colleagues, who are forced to pick up the slack.”

Daniella calls upon the California Legislature to stand up for students, “I hope — I’m asking them, on behalf of the millions of public school students (and thousands of aspiring teachers like me) across our state, to take action.” She concludes, “[California has] the chance to be a beacon of hope to the rest of our country — to say with one voice, that all children deserve a shot at success. Will we take it?”